The use of thin metal sheets in applications where traditionally much greater thicknesses have been used raises many questions. Below we answer the most frequently asked questions that we at Kenno Tech tend to hear:


Does Kenno Tech also weld other structures besides sandwich structures?

Yes. A laser can weld a wide variety of structures.
By asking us is the easiest way to get an answer on whether your structure is laser-weldable


How to prevent corrosion in sandwich structures?

Corrosion in sandwich structures is usually not a more significant issue than in traditional structures.

Ways to prevent corrosion include choice of material, surface treatment, use of corrosion inhibiting agents inside the structure, increase of material thickness to provide “corrosion reserve” and design solutions such as venting air through the structure.


Can apertures be constructed into sandwich elements? How will they affect the strength of the elements?

Apertures are frequently needed in sandwich structures and designing them poses no major challenges. Ideally these are designed into the components of the element in the original design phase.

Large apertures are taken into account during the design calculations of the element. When needed, local reinforcement can be applied around the aperture.


How are sandwich elements attached to each other or to other structures

Generally the edge profiles of sandwich elements are designed to interface with the surrounding structures.

It is for instance possible to design tongue-and-groove joints for joining adjoining sandwich elements together. These can be secured together mechanically or by welding.


How can a sandwich element be designed to withstand impact shocks and point loads?

Methods to manage impact shocks and point loads include covering the top plate with a load spreading material (e.g. plywood), use of high-strength steel top plates and using a thicker top plate than required by the (distributed) design load.


Can a sandwich element be made fully air tight?

In principle a laser welded sandwich element is tight. To ensure that an individual element is fully hermetically tight however requires testing it.


How is sound transmission managed in sandwich structures?

The main methods to manage sound are to use insulation inside sandwich elements and/or to use suitable coating materials.


How does the life time of sandwich elements compare to traditional structures?

For appropriate applications the life time of professionally designed sandwich elements is comparable to traditional structures.


Is it possible to achieve effective insulation with a sandwich element as the core profiles form thermal bridges?

If the insulation capability of a sandwich element is not good enough by using insulation materials inside the element, then it is possible to also design discontinuations into the thermal bridges.


How fire proof are sandwich elements?

A sandwich structure is a solid structure in a fire. It is possible to design sandwich structures to fulfil different fire resistance requirements.


Can Kenno Tech manufacture sandwich structures, which are not flat panels?

3000 mm and the vertical movement of our welding head is 700 mm; within these limits we are able to manufacture many kinds of structures.