Floor elements for optical measurement chambers

Kenno Tech supplies Mapvision (www.mapvision.fi) with the floor elements for their optical measurement chambers.

Mapvision manufactures advanced optical measurement chambers for inspecting welded subassemblies in the production lines of the automotive industry. Several cameras photograph the subassembly in question and check the positioning and tolerances of its details, such as holes. This method is fast and more flexible than earlier automatic quality control systems and enables handling a much larger amount of data.

Mapvision wishes to assemble and calibrate their measurement chambers in Finland and deliver them as pre-fabricated assemblies to its customers. To achieve this Mapvision needed a floor element, which was stiff enough without being too heavy. The sandwich element was found to be the ideal solution for this. Mapvision has achieved a fast and efficient production, delivery and installation process.

A further advantage of the pre-fabricated structure is that floor vibrations are not transmitted to the measurement instruments.