Laser Welding

Our laser welding line is equipped with 4,5 KW CO2 laser which working area is 3 000 mm * 12 000 mm * 700 mm.
The machine is built for Kenno Tech,  and is intended for welding of large components – and is at its best on parts that contains a lot of long straight seams.

Laser welding is a very fast welding method. Heat input to the workpiece is only about 10% compared to traditional methods: following that the deformations are minor on welded objects. Even the largest parts are very accurate when using laser welding.

Laser welding seam is very clean and often requires no aftertreatments.

The different thicknesses and different materials can also be easily jointed with laser welding.
We weld sheet metal with thicknesses of 0,3 mm up to 6 mm. On the lap joint the thickness of the lower plate is not restricted.

Laser welding is excellent method on high-strength steel and we have a great experience of using high-strength steels.