What is a sandwich structure?

Sandwich elements achieve a high strength/weight-ratio and minimal metal usage

A sandwich structure consists of two surface plates connected by core webs.

Kenno Tech´s sandwich structures are laser welded, steel thin sheet products.

In a welded sandwich element the cores are welded onto the surface plates. The objective of a sandwich structure is to achieve a light and stiff structure, in other words a structure with a high strength/weight-ratio and minimal materials usage.

The table below illustrates the stiffness properties of sandwich structures as a function of the thickness of the structure.


A sandwich element is purpose designed by choosing the thickness of the surface plates and core webs, their materials and the core profile. The above table compares a sandwich structure to a uniform plate (Prof. Dan Zenkert 1998).

The shape of the core web will have a strong influence on the strength and stiffness of the sandwich element. Typical core profiles are V-shaped cores (like the VF-core shown above), Z- and U-cores. Vertical core elements (I-core) and tubular cores (O-core) may also be used.