When is a sandwich element the answer to your need?

When light weight and high stiffness are required of a loaded element, we recommend evaluating sandwich structures

A laser welded sandwich element is a good solution when as many possible of its individual benefits are true in the application in question. In other words:

  • Light weight is of high importance.
  • The specified steel is expensive.
  • The elements are dimensioned so that a considerable amount of straight welding seam is required. (The elements we have manufactured range from 3 x 1.5 m upwards in size.)
  • High stiffness is important.
  • Thinness and the hollow structure are useful.
  • An attractive and uniform quality finish is required.
  • Sustainable development is an important issue.

Along their perimeters the sandwich elements are equipped with profiles and fastening points that facilitate its interfacing to the surrounding structure. Apertures for piping etc. can be included in the element.

Because our sandwich structures are thin sheet solutions, high local loads – such as the rolls of hand used forklifts – may cause challenges. Covering the element with a suitable load spreading material (e.g. plywood) or use of high strength steels are solutions to these challenges.